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How to tell real facts from marketing pitches?

Every week several new tools for web promotion and SEO appear in the market. Most of them can be useless for the average Web Promoter, but a few can bring significant value. Which ones? Hard to tell.

Every new product comes out with an impressive amount of cleverly designed marketing mumbo-jumbo, mixed with technicalities and dubious favourable testimonials. Knowledgeable testing is rarely performed. Objective reviews are hard to find.

As anyone in the SEO field, we are subscribed to a number of SEO-related newsletters and Twits, and receive info on many new tools every week. All of them with a strong promotional intention and little hard data. To the unprepared beginner, Web Marketing would seem a piece of cake with the purchase of any of those tools.

Forums and open blogs are also filled with comments on SEO Tools (scripts, software, strategies), but since the tool makers sponsor the place, the webmasters cannot afford to be critical, skeptic or objective.

Thus, the customers (SEO-oriented webmasters) cannot keep up with the flood of new information, find opportunities and apply the new tools to his business, unless he devotes significant resources to this crucial aspect of R & D.

Most tools require a high level of expertise to apply them with maximal effect. This can better be achieved by an expert who runs the same tool on dozens of sites at a time.

We started this project thinking that SEO people can use specialized, objective advice from a company not-affiliated with vendors. We will stay independent, and refrain from affiliate programs that could bias our judgement.

We intend to become a “Consumers Digest” of web promotion and SEO: unbiased, knowledgeable, complete.

There are no other companies specialized in Website Promotion Tool Evaluation. There are a few ones that come close, like, but they have a more conventional marketing approach and do not use software tools. They cater to large clients needing strategic marketing guidance.

Why our testing instead of yours

We have a team that include PhD scientists, that are able to design an experiment that would answer the main questions or issues.

We will use new domains and contents for every experiment, to avoid contamination with previous results. We will not look to increase the rankings of our own service or product sites, just to ascertain the efficiency of one tested tool at a time.

Examples of actions performed by specific SEO tools in behalf of our clients (plans 2 and 3)

  • Manual Submission to 50 directories using Robo Form to help with form filling.
  • 200 Keyword-dense Phrases, to be used as Description Metatag in large sites. .
  • 200 search engine optimized pages, optimized for 200 keywords. Interlinked. Distributed in several domains, with different IPs.
  • Link integrity report.
  • Google domain penalization report. See article in our DomainGrower blog
  • Metatag length and relevance analysis.
  • Bad Neighbourhood linking status.
  • Sitemap analysis or generation
  • Linking analysis
  • Keyword Density report

Categories of Web Promotion Tools

  • SEO (in-site factors)
  • link exchange managers
  • Social Network tools
  • email marketing
  • search engine analyzers
Plan Monthly Services Monthly Price
0 Newsletter announcing the experiments 0
1 Report on newly tested tools 29.90
2 Report + 1 new tool applied to one site 199.90
3 Report + 1 new tool applied to one site + 1 site inspected for diagnosis and recommendations 299.90

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