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My very naked special way to promote my ideas

I just released my ebook “Naked Business Proposals”.  A freeware version can be downloaded at my site. A paid version can be obtained paying $39 .

The  book has 40 business ideas that I created and intend to take to the market. Most of them are Web projects, each one based on a different subject or business model. 5 or 6 are health related, and the rest cover most fields. I have the concept and the technical elements to carry them out, but not the financing.

The problem of business ebooks is that there are thousands of them, and many of them free. For that reason I had to include something that would make this book stand out of the crowd, and what is better than a nice, naked girl.

The book is titled “Naked…” because I am very direct with my points, and the projects have little introductory words, no preamble, no unnecessary wording. And also is “Naked…”, because of the model I appointed to illustrate the proposals. For instance, the proposal of a “Futurologist Arena” is accompanied by the naked model looking ahead thru binoculars. The proposal of “Sports Team Matching” goes with a photo of the unclothed model with a football ball.

I had this project for at least 8 years, since I wrote a Spanish version named “CyberBusiness” that brought quite a bit of attention. But I did not find the time to update it and translate it, until last summer. I got a dream job: emergency doctor in a country club for a few rich people. I had to work 72 continuous hours per week, but luckily nobody needed my services. Except for a couple of bruises and blood pressure controls, every now and then. Most of the time I watched TV, ate and sleep, with plenty of time for reading and writing. I even used my laptop to download relevant ebooks and read them, when needing inspiration for the ebook.

By the end of the summer the book was ready and nobody had gotten really sick because of my rusted medical abilities.

In those long lonely hours I thought about many things, and of course, women images crossed my mind. At certain point I got the ideas: a naked model could be the difference between my proposal book and many others.

I am not sure which part was worse: to write the 17,000 words, or to find a model willing to pose naked, for unlimited photos, and signing a proper image release contract. I looked everywhere, including places in which no respectable married author should look.

Some models demanded high amounts, like 400 dollars or more, and were immediately discarded. Finally, one of them, 22 y.o., blonde with long hair, agreed to pose for 80 bucks one hour. She wants to be a professional model, and eventually she could achieve it. For now, she is the body of my ebook.

The book is being submitted to all the libraries that freely accept ebooks, and to ClickBank for affiliates to resell.

Take a look at it.

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