Results of the 3rd Positioning Experiment

Once completed the “Familia Raimundez” positioning experiment, results were available in just 10 days, what makes them very interesting and convenient compared to those times when one had to wait 45 days for an indexation cycle.
The results matched the previous ones, as some domains seem to be penalized in an arbitrary way. And I say in an arbitrary way because there is no obvious sign in the website for it to be penalized for: no black hat techniques, no links to questionable sites, no keyword abuse or obvious content duplication.
One of the evaluated domains belonged to a client, that had bad ranking results with related and non-related keywords.
The domain history, before we took part in it, had some abuse elements (keyword repetition within metatags), as we detected in
Therefore, it is hard to get good results until the domain is completely transformed, we ask Google for forgiveness, and wait a few months.
An interesting fact was that one of the well positioned domains of the experiment had received two relevant pages, instead of just one.
This enhances the theme theory, meaning, if a website is focused on one predominant subject, it can rank better than a website containing different pages.
Another observation is that websites that will rank better show up in the search engine results one or two days before the rest. This allows double checking the results.
We also noted that one word indexation is a superficial indexation first stage. For more than one word to be indexed (later searched with quotation marks) enhanced site quality and more time are needed.
A preliminary disturbing result is the one that awards stronger positioning power to an Adwords campaign targeted domain. Google always made clear how they do not let paid campaign results affect organic results. But it is also true that many webmasters mistrust so. We should perform a targeted test to distinguish this factor, and establish how much we need to spend in Adwords, and how, to obtain better site rankings. So far, it could be just a coincidence.

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