DVT Modular System

We are representatives in Argentina of the DVT Module technology by Magely USA.

It’s revolutionary for the culmination of data that we use to adjust your presence online. The data is accurate, up-to-date, and delivers today’s answers.  Information about your niche, competition, desired market placement, brand is gained and manually applied. The result is then used to create an optimized module for your site.

Generally it takes weeks to gather the needed data which is not always correct and accurate when using other online ranking specialists and developers. Making use of the DVT system ensures accuracy, and it’s done in a fraction of the time.

Through many years of technical consultations amongst search engine specialists, individual private contacts (established with the major search engine companies), as well as web site designers that adhere to W3C standards, the collection module was developed.
The data we now have come to understand as a melee of confusing service choices and techniques can now be focused, streamlined and targeted for each client’s requirements. The DVT Module is a proprietary server based collection of data mining engines. It constantly collects, deciphers, and packages only the most pertinent and relevant information in the field of search engine ranking, key word marketing, web site aesthetics and compliant coding. The results are then used by our professional staff and manually applied to your website.

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