Business Ideas Aggregator: vote the best

We tried an idea aggregator with Digg technology, for ranking the ideas according to the number of votes from the users. Its purpose is to select the ideas that are best according to their popularity. It can also be done with wordpress plugins.

Sometimes the idea is theoretically good but does not work in the real world. Why? Nobody knows. Probably a marketing issue, or the way people perceive it. On the other hand, some ideas go to the top in spite of being lame quality. Just turn on the TV and judge: the more popular shows are often bad quality, but they have something that appealed to the audience.

So, this Business Idea Aggregator will help us pick up the best-received idea. After that, it will be easier to obtain funding to carry it out.

At this point, most of the published ideas are mine (Sergio’s). This means that you will find a heterogeneous and unpredictable mix of a crazy, far-fledged, long shot, plain stupid, sensible, and Net-oriented projects.

The site is open to anyone who wants to publish, vote, or comment on the projects.

The ideas are published in an ebook, located at

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