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SitePromotion Law: To new Sites, Salesmen come First

One of Murphy laws says that if you promote a website, the first to come will be the salesmen that try to sell you Website promotion tools.

My websites are mostly about SEO and Site Promotion, and they collect many inquiries from companies that sell exactly the same services, offering me to transfer my clients to them. Sites from clients receive all the time inquiries from suppliers, providers, web hosting and web promotion companies.

This could be a Law that could make me famous or at least well ranked in the search engines, the equivalent of fame in the wired world.

There are a number of technologies that allow salesmen to find new opportunities. I have used an email harvester software that receives your keywords and surfs the Net collecting related webpages and the emails associated to them. There are also subscriptions to News aggregators or syndicators, that let you read the news on your selected, super-specialized fields.

Customers are not so savvy, and relay on search engines and short and vague keyword phrases. Savvy customers would use “long-tail” keywords, because they will bring less, more selected results.

The SitePromotion Law will be a variety of Murphy’s Law, stating that if something can go wrong in a Web Promotion Campaign, it will. Being more exact, I would say that most new websites fail, following a number of factors: lack of focus, late or shy entrance in a very competitive market, lack of technical knowledge on the Webmaster side, disregard for eMarketing rules and more.

I am publishing my Law now and I will later try to find the Official Murphy’s Law site, in order to apply for a post. Has Murphy registered his Law? Do his children collect any copyright money on it? Good question. He probably wanted to do it, but that went wrong, too.

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