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Steps for Selling Software online

Selling software is an activity that quite obviously, needs to be done online. There are significant advantages of being able to do all these steps in a few minutes: find a useful software product, learn about it, download it, install it, test it, and reach for the credit card to buy it.
Paradoxically, many software programmers are unaware of the huge resources for selling software online, and do not even have a web site. Or they have a nice one, with plenty of Flash animations, and no elements for web ranking.

Programming is such a wide and diverse area today that specialists are not aware of events outside their own limited scope, and many of them have not even heard the word SEO: search engine optimization, for better rankings.

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Scientific approach to Selling Software online

This activity can be considered a scientific discipline more than other marketing tasks: there are ways to measure the effectivity of every online action, in terms of page views, downloads, installations, extensions of testing time and finally, purchases. Analyzing those stats takes time and knowledge, but it surely pays. We have ran several software campaigns, and we manage most of the tools of the trade.
We firstly need a demo product, with limited but useful features and functionality. After that, we need to submit it to most of the software libraries around, and make sure we obtain good rankings and reviews.
In a second stage, we run ad campaigns, using Google Adwords as the main platform. After that, we use social engineering to enter the social networks of possible buyers.
It is also useful to collect emails of early testers and users, in order to provide them news about enhancements, features, offers, upgrades and maybe success stories.
Participation in forums, news aggregation sites such as, link-sharing places like Technorati, and related Facebook groups is also a good way to invest our online time and energy.
We have found niche sites that are not widely known in the software-selling business, but have proven excellent short-time results. They do not work for every product, but it is worth to analyze every case to see if it fits this particular selling system.

Affiliates for selling software online

Needless to say, affiliates are a great form of selling your piece of software, specially when you are able to find the high-power sellers that can multiply your profit with the lesser investment. We own affiliate program memberships that produce the faster and more noticeable results.
To be able to sell software online successfully and with a high roi, we need to do a little software marketing. This involves to study the product, test it, analyze its market, competition, pricing and other factors. Contact with users and feedback from those early testers or buyers is also needed.
We have successfully sold software by many of these techniques, but every product requires a special well-designed marketing campaign. According to the selected path, media and message, there are different sites that are receptive to the software selling message. They need to be tested and fine-tuned.
Let us handle your carefully-grown software product. You will see the results and cash the profits in much shorter time than you expected.

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