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Viral Strategies for Internet Marketing

Viral e-marketing is a system that propagates the word about a product or service with minimum effort, using resources taken from the recipients of the message. As the viruses do, the viral marketed idea or product grows exponentially, for as long as it finds “food” or usable resources. Viral marketing is usually accomplished by information products that are freely distributed, carry the originators´ message and use the recipients resources.   

Use Viral Marketing to build PageRank and obtain thousands of incoming links

Viral marketing is a powerful technique that allows fast, efficient dispersal of an idea around the marketplace.

The guys who invented ICQ got rich because every user drove his friends into getting an account in order to keep in touch. Soon, the user base of the first instant messenger grew over the millions.

You need to invent something unusual, useful and able to create its own distribution channel. You might find some good idea and have it programmed by some expert in India or Argentina for maybe U$D 2 per hour.  Use the proper marketplace (, or many others.

I invented several of those systems, and together they spread my message across the web. For instance, I wrote a book named “Cyberbusinesses” with my experience making business in the web. At first I planned to sell it, but I was advised to go for a free distribution in the web. As a result, many persons from the strangest places read it and became clients. If you read Spanish, get it at .

It is better to do something close to the field you are targeting. Calculators are easy to program and very useful. You need to define a problem and how to solve it. For instance, a site of mine sells swimming pools, and we created an online calculator that gives the volume of the pool as a function of its measures. It calculates the water cost and also forecasts how long it will take to load assuming a certain input flow. We plan to add other features like that, and we found that many users like it and recommend it to fellow prospective buyers.

Even if something is already invented, you can emulate it. Maybe your service will be better, or maybe you will get many users that want to try the new version of an old tool.

Being creative is sometimes natural and sometimes learnt from books or colleagues.

Let’s say you are marketing vitamins.

A typical phrase for Phrase Generator could be: Vitamin consumers need advice on toxic doses

Out of 225 phrases, the system selected:

  • Vitamin consumers need advice on toxic doses.
  • Vitamin consumers need advice on cheap interaction.
  • Vitamin users want advice on cheap prices.
  • Vitamin consumers want ideas on average shelf-life.
  • Food consumers need advice on average intake.
  • Food users want advice on average doses.
  • Food consumers want ideas on maximal interaction.
  • Medicine consumers need advice on maximal prices.
  • Medicine users want advice on minimal shelf-life.
  • Medicine consumers want ideas on minimal intake.

Maybe you can create a calculator for any of those needs. How about “How much longer will I live if I take some vitamins?. Depending on how many and how much you take, you get extra-months or years. It can be done. It will not be terribly serious, proven and scientific, but it can be done. Just stop short of offering death at age 130 for those who eat vitamins by the pound. (ask me if you like the idea. We have the means to do it).

Also, you can do “How less will I live if I keep smoking and growing fat?”. In the same page, if you want to call the attention of your vitamins public. Or in a separate one, if you sell something against smoking.

By the way, if you sell tobacco, I can demonstrate that one pack a day will shorten your life in 12 minutes and 3 seconds, which will not stop anyone from buying your stuff. If you don’t like to blatantly lie, just add a small disclaimer like “This is just a game. No basis whatsoever”…

Another viral marketing idea coming from the above listing. How about a budgeting spreadsheet for buying meds smartly, according to the bulk discount, the expiration date and daily intake?.

These ideas are VIRAL. People will show the site to their friends, to prove their point.

You can create 10 webpages using those phrases as the main theme, in order to capture possible new clients.

Those phrases are repetitive and stupid for a human reader, but for Google they are excellent quality content for a drug website.

Another idea. Have you noticed how fast some news spread around? Why don´t you create a news that fits your need? It does not need to be real or true. I created a site called , where I can publish whatever I want. It has some categories:

  • Blatant Advertisement
  • Current False News
  • Wishful Thinking
  • Inventions (weird, funny, unusual)
  • Irrelevant Real News taken from the brainless press
  • Crazy Ideas presented as False News
  • My opinions transformed into false news.
  • Real news that only seem false (weird, unusual)

This website experienced much faster growth than all the rest. And I have a privileged exhibit room for any future announcement I want to do. It can be mine or yours. If you purchased this book or other product from us, and have something to publish in this format (weird, funny, witty) I will publish it there.

For $99 we will compile a Freeware version for you to offer to your visitors or clients. This version will create Optimized pages with a link to your promoted site.

Link popularity is a key factor in attaining high search engine ranking.

This way, all the final users will indirectly generate link popularity for your sites. It will be their pages, their servers, they page registration and other promotion efforts, all working for you day and night. And they will be grateful to you because of the superb free tool you gave them…

This affiliate program is free to join, and it is open to every webmaster, even if they did not purchase any product from us.

You can even use this e-book, with links to your website, as a Viral Marketing tool. As you probably know, people like ebooks. The content/advertising rate is higher than in regular pages. They spread easily thru its own channels. Ask for a quote.

In such a competitive field as Search Engine Positioning, there are no fixed formulas for success. Creativity is a key ingredient in the mix. Check our websites to see which of our tools can help you design original, viral content.

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