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How easy is to email spam: Interview to a Spam Teacher

I found an ad in a spammer’s website offering Mail Spam services, software and databases for sale, and he also taught how to use them, here in Buenos Aires…I could not help myself and decided to take a 60 minutes’ class, for 15 dollars.
I was received by a man who I thought was the father or grandfather of the teaching hacker, but he wasn’t. I am the old one in this business – I thought – but let’s give him a chance to show what he knows. I bombarded him with questions and he answered most of them.

– Is legal what you are doing? (I know it is not)
– Yes, of course. I mean, I don’t do it, I manage it. My client is the one doing it…
– Some Disclaimers state that one-time-spam including the opportunity to get deleted from the list, is not illegal. Is this true?
– I don’t know, and I don’t care.
– What if someone suits you?
– They do not know who I am.
– How do you acquire SMTP Mail Servers?
– I don’t know, I bought a list once and it works.
– Do you sell it?
– Sure, for other 15 dollars, you get 20 servers
– Do you research into new spamming methods?
– No, what for? The ones I’ve got work.
– Do you exclude from the lists those who request it?
– Yes
– Did you ever have any problems with this activity?
– Not so far, after several years.
– Not even with your internet provider?
– No. I’m spamming right now. (he is…)
– What spamming speed do you achieve?
– 40,000 emails per hour.
– Do you offer your spamming services through spam?
– No.
– Why not?
– Because my clients get to my through my website.
– Was your website optimized by a SEO?
– No, it works well like this. I made it myself (I can tell…)
– Is this what you do for a living?
– No, this is my hobby
– What software do you use to track clicks? to block the IP? And to send emails?
– These, see? I Google them, download them, then search for its crack on Astalavista, and that’s it!
– And how do you protect from viruses?
– Any standard antivirus… (this guy is really bold and naive, but lucky)
– If spamming is so easy, why isn’t there any more spam in the world?
– Who knows… (I did not really expect an answer)

What caught my attention was that with a low technological knowledge level, this gentleman spams and sells the spam service without trouble and without any conscience objection. And as this wasn’t enough, he then offers to teach the secrets for a few dollars.
I left thinking that if he does it…

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