We create your video and place it in Google first page within 3 days.

We work in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 2013.
We create your content for U$D 30, and if we rank it in the first 30 Google results within 3 days, you pay us U$D 290 more.

We create a YouTube account for you, and after payment you obtain the email access data.

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AdSense Income Calculator

This is a first approach to the issue of Adsense Income estimation. Most webmasters create sites with the intent of earning money from ads, and usually their expectations are overrated.

We designed a calculator based in several factors known to influence AdSense revenue:

– extension of project (the more content, the more chance to earn from ads)

– language (English paying triple than Spanish, for instance)

– subject (cars earn more than bikes)

– Clic-thru rate (CTR). A measure of how attractive are ads for users. Hard to master, but critical for success.  There is a whole discipline called “adsense optimization” that addresses Adsense revenue at the time of writing and designing websites.

– Ad density (there is an optimal ad density, and it is dangerous to drift away from it)

– SEO (the site needs to rank top in Google, otherwise it will not earn money)

– age of project (ranking improves with time, provided we do not do anything punishable)

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We need an exact definition of plagiarism: suggested formula

Plagiarism is to copy a source, without proper recognition and authorization. Some degree of similarity is accepted: it can be a coincidence, an involuntary emulation, or an accepted practice. But an important degree of similarity is not accepted and constitutes an intellectual property violation.

There is no exact definition of when a work incurs in plagiarism, and in these times of Internet and easy cut-and-paste we need to be more precise.

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Making sites vs. making pages: different strategies to obtain conversions from Search Engine traffic.

When we create internal pages in a website we do not usually expect that visitors will be convinced to buy the product just by reading them. They are, after all, units in a large set of pages called a site. The whole site is in charge of delivering the message and convincing visitors. However, the search engines rank pages for its individual content as defined by a few keywords. Continue reading “Making sites vs. making pages: different strategies to obtain conversions from Search Engine traffic.”

Intelligent Agents on the Internet

This article was written in 2004, and a few thing might turn out outdated today. However, it has strong links to the Viral Marketing campaigns that we are offering here and in We have developed a couple of Intelligent Agents since then.

What are the intelligent agents?

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Viral Strategies for Internet Marketing

Viral e-marketing is a system that propagates the word about a product or service with minimum effort, using resources taken from the recipients of the message. As the viruses do, the viral marketed idea or product grows exponentially, for as long as it finds “food” or usable resources. Viral marketing is usually accomplished by information products that are freely distributed, carry the originators´ message and use the recipients resources.    Continue reading “Viral Strategies for Internet Marketing”

Viral Marketing Products

When the average marketer starts reading about Viral Marketing, the first question that appears is: How can I do Viral Marketing in behalf of my product or service?

Let’s compare this situation with the offline Viral Marketing. You would go to a company specialized in advertising materials, like pens, baseball caps, T-shirts, car window stickers or paper pads. You would order to print your logo on them, and start giving them away to clients and friends. 

In the same way, when you want to start an Online Viral Marketing campaign, you would go to a site that offers all kinds of products, customizable with your logo, URL address and advertising message. Of course, the variety of digital products is huge, and there are more and more every day. It would be easy to pick up the wrong product and fail miserably after having spent a few thousand.

In our site we are offering a large number of products or services that can carry your ad, with a strong chance of a fast and wide spread over the Internet. You can also see our Viral Marketing ebook with proposals for campaigns based on many different sites, softwares, videos, CDs or other formats.

Contact us for a customized budget for Viral Marketing campaigns, based on our existing products or other that could be developed specially for your product, service or brand.

About email spamming

This subject comes back recurrently to our team, either directly triggered by client’s requests, or indirectly, thru our need to explore new ways of communicating with the wide public.

We receive more and more email spam everyday, as sure you do and everyone else does.

Even does who compete with us doing SEO in order to take advantage of organic positioning in Google or Yahoo, and those who run Adwords campaigns for clients, known as Search Engine Marketers, do also mail spam.

The legal aspects remain to be blurred, at least here in Argentina. No law forbids spamming, and judges would have difficulty understanding the issue and establishing who and how are getting damaged by this (obnoxious) practice. Well, as everything else, it depends on which side of the street you are. A busy spam reader will complain about his lost resources, but a successful marketer will be happy with the fast and cheap results.

Where shall the law be applied? In the sender’s side or in the recipient side? Some action that is legal here might not be affected by the law at the recipient side.

There is also the geographical distribution of resources, like servers for email relaying and hosting the target site (if there is one). Some servers could be located in countries where the laws against spam do not apply.

At this point we are contacting several providers that perform email spam on the client’s interest. They know all the tricks that allow decent effectiveness and very low exposure.

The first results, in a next posting.

SEO Audit: what to check and how

We have a SEO Audit service, and we are always in the look for new issues to detect. So far we have about 50, and most webmasters should be aware of those. On average, a website incurs in 30-35 faults that negatively influence its rankings.

The issues are divided into insite and offsite. The insite are the easiest to fix, and the offsite factors, mostly link related, are to be addressed with method and patience.

We are offering an installment plan, that also offers a monthly update on the standing issues. The idea is that sites are to be permanently monitored for negative ranking factors.

We collected a number of software resources to make checking faster. Some are links, some are software packages, some are scripts that run in our pages. This arsenal allows us to run deep analysis in a day or two. This is not intended to discourage imitators: most tools are publicly known. But of course it requires a lot of time of dedicated programmers, which we offer to our clients.

Check the above cited page and if you are really interested, ask for a sample of our work, or for the complete model report that we send to our clients.

Our interest is mainly to earn money providing service, but also to correlate the SEO Audit issues with ranking: as a result, we improve our knowledge of what is important for ranking.

How easy is to email spam: Interview to a Spam Teacher

I found an ad in a spammer’s website offering Mail Spam services, software and databases for sale, and he also taught how to use them, here in Buenos Aires…I could not help myself and decided to take a 60 minutes’ class, for 15 dollars.
I was received by a man who I thought was the father or grandfather of the teaching hacker, but he wasn’t. I am the old one in this business – I thought – but let’s give him a chance to show what he knows. I bombarded him with questions and he answered most of them.

– Is legal what you are doing? (I know it is not)
– Yes, of course. I mean, I don’t do it, I manage it. My client is the one doing it…
– Some Disclaimers state that one-time-spam including the opportunity to get deleted from the list, is not illegal. Is this true?
– I don’t know, and I don’t care.
– What if someone suits you?
– They do not know who I am.
– How do you acquire SMTP Mail Servers?
– I don’t know, I bought a list once and it works.
– Do you sell it?
– Sure, for other 15 dollars, you get 20 servers
– Do you research into new spamming methods?
– No, what for? The ones I’ve got work.
– Do you exclude from the lists those who request it?
– Yes
– Did you ever have any problems with this activity?
– Not so far, after several years.
– Not even with your internet provider?
– No. I’m spamming right now. (he is…)
– What spamming speed do you achieve?
– 40,000 emails per hour.
– Do you offer your spamming services through spam?
– No.
– Why not?
– Because my clients get to my through my website.
– Was your website optimized by a SEO?
– No, it works well like this. I made it myself (I can tell…)
– Is this what you do for a living?
– No, this is my hobby
– What software do you use to track clicks? to block the IP? And to send emails?
– These, see? I Google them, download them, then search for its crack on Astalavista, and that’s it!
– And how do you protect from viruses?
– Any standard antivirus… (this guy is really bold and naive, but lucky)
– If spamming is so easy, why isn’t there any more spam in the world?
– Who knows… (I did not really expect an answer)

What caught my attention was that with a low technological knowledge level, this gentleman spams and sells the spam service without trouble and without any conscience objection. And as this wasn’t enough, he then offers to teach the secrets for a few dollars.
I left thinking that if he does it…